Modern hotel design is responsible for more bold, colorful and imaginative creations than any other architectural genre. Never before has there been such amazing diversity such an assortment of styles or such extravagant playfulness.

Today’s hotel scene is like a box of chocolates-full of delightful confections that present business travelers and holidaymakers alike with deliciously agonizing choices. The latest developments in hotel design reflect four main themes: ascetic, modernism, nostalgic, opulence, extravagant, fantasy and exotic exclusivity.

Modern Architecture can be as the fulfillment of this injunction. On one hand it creates one-offs with no general relevance – buildings that like modernist works of art stand alone, on the other hand it creates theatrical decors made up of quotations or borrowing from popular culture. In both cases it is moving away from the representation of functions and from architectural typology towards autonomy excess nostalgia and spectacle. The ‘wow’ factor is what counts.

Interior designers are planning everything to the last details. Restaurant signs, graphic designs and the appearance of the hotel personnel have to meet in a clear and consistent way, the expectations of a cosmopolitan public well versed in the language of fashion and| advertising. They are the messengers of the demanding public selecting for their upright stature and attractive faces – advantages that were amply exhibited in their carriage and the look in their eyes.

In a hotel guests should find what they dream of at home. Experience hotels aim to live up to this aspiration

Modern Hotel.

Whether the concept is based on a dream of Hollywood or the work of a star designer

The hotel becomes a stage a film set a place where guests can enact their desires and learn more about themselves. Such an important duty for the Architect to create the right environment for the clients of a hotel owner. It is such a great challenge to be a hotel designer and make a dream reality.