MOLOS RESTAURANT is well a established dining locale, strikingly poised on the gorgeous Hudson waterfront at 1 Pershing Rd, Weehawken NJ.

Winner of both the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2017, and the Knot Couples Choice Award – 2018, sits majestically on the edge of the Hudson River truly one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline.

Molos Restaurant focuses on bringing authentic Greek dishes (and tradition) to the Hudson Waterfront. Since opening in 2013, Eliana Stefanitsis and her father, Jerry Stefanitsis, have worked passionately and taken great pride in making Molos Restaurant what it is today.

Since emigrating from Greece in 1972, Jerry has worked in the restaurant business learning everything it takes to consistently deliver deliciously authentic cuisine. Eliana, who earned Bachelor’s of Art and Master’s of Science degrees from Fordham University, was born into the restaurant business and came to appreciate the science of “Culinary Art”. This dynamic father-daughter team is highly focused on delivering authenticity.

From the Mediterranean décor to the food and drink menu options and even into how they source their ingredients; Jerry and Eliana want restaurant-goers to experience the culture they both grew up on and feel so deeply passionate about in their hearts. When you visit and dine, they are inviting you to be part of their family.

This year, the Stafanitsis family has aligned with the renowned Greek-American lighting and interior designer, Marianna Holoway to create a stunning and unforgettable outdoor space; a large, sprawling, elegant deck, integrated into the restaurant’s authentic deliverance. Mariana is a highly accomplished global Interior & lighting designer who Presides over her own firm, ARCON Design.

At the end of June 2018, Marianna will unveil her upscale creation that exemplifies strict attention to detail: details regarding light, space, view, flow, comfort and more! You need to see it to believe it!

Amongst Marianna’s global successes in design, is one that earned her, “Best Boat Designer – 2012”. Her catamaran Crystal – the 2012 Spire Boat model, was named the Boat of the Year. Her design approach in that project, reflected all her knowledge about sculptural architecture, lighting design, and boat design – culminating in a globally unique creation adorned by all who bore witness. For Molos Restaurant, in addition to creating the ultimate in outdoor dining experience, Marianna will utilize a very innovative design approach when crafting the exterior shell of the building. The purpose of the exterior concept transcends a covering; it is meant to highlight the dynamics of dimensionality to the building and consequently to the business.


A key ingredient to Marianna’s spatial design is that it must deliver a holistic perception. She doesn’t see the space as a sum of its elements but more so as a space of an extraordinary experience. Both the interior walls and the wall coverings themselves add a new aesthetic, adorned with unique materials such as glass panels, perforated aluminum panels and LED lights. Marianna Holoway is creating a new sense of being for the customers of Molos restaurant and when completed, will provide a beautiful, serene and delicious experience to you. This is a more than a must-see – it is a must experience!

Seeing spatial transformation at its best, in an otherwise very ordinary, predictable and somewhat unassuming landscape existing, Marianna’s exterior linear pattern of Molos’ exterior against the newly designed deck is beautiful a statement of diversity, an expression of authentic creativity, and an indelible stamp of pure innovation.

Marianna Holoway


6 East 45th Street, 11th Floor. NYC, NY 10017 USA

Architectural Lighting & Interior Designer, USA, EMIRATES, EUROPE

Photo credits: Γιαννης Πριντεζης
Makeup artist MAC Cosmetics Αλεξανδρα Στουμπου.
Hair Styling: Niki Varlitzoglou