ARCON DESIGN LLC & Marianna Holoway are rated among the TOP Design professionals. Their specialty is hospitality projects. Those type of businesses have million guests to please and only very qualified designers are able to perform and present a unique and competitive result. Highly Recommended.

American Groceries


Professionalism , Trend setting ideas.... leader in design and fashion and creates future uniqueness in the present day... patience in working with clients and crew, just amazing.

Maria Pandelidou


Marianna Holoway è una grande e davvero originale designer con visioni e idee che si distinguono e sono riconosciuti su una scala globale.

Alessandro Gasparini


We are very pleased to inform you, of our greatest appreciation for the proposed concept for the formula one sky suites and the lounge for the season 2021-2022. The suites space is redesigned with a brand new refreshing interior, featuring higher ceiling spaces, and improved custom calculated lighting environment.

Your design team showed great patience for the planning of our dining restaurants and the lounge areas, while you were looking constantly for new materials and design combinations to please our guests but mostly you worked hard to find ways that worked well for us within the given circumstances.

The 3D visualization you provided made complex contents easily comprehensible with realistic graphics.

We thank ARCON DESIGN LLC for the services rendered with outstanding professionalism.

We hope we can count on your services again to achieve a new goal together.

Luxury Villas Team

Hilton Luxury Villas


Marianna Holoway is a world renowned designer with a large portfolio of projects around the globe and many design awards in her career. Her interiors are often extraordinary with sculptural forms that push the boundaries of engineering and technology. She is highly recommended.

Alice Berkeley


Having followed Marianna Holoway as a designer for over a decade on numerous hospitality projects, I can confidently say that she is the most Dynamic, Eccentric, Innovative, Scholarly, Reliable, Designer you can meet & work in your life .

Bob Tuschman



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